Dutch Book

What is a Dutch Book?

A 'Dutch Book' is a formula that works out how to spread your bets around for a selection of horses so that you are guaranteed a return.

How do I calculate a Dutch Book?

To calculate a 'Dutch Book' for a race, you must nominate for two things:

  1. A small selection of horses.
  2. Desired winnings target.

A 'Dutch Book' will calculate how much to stake on for each horse in your nominated selection to come in first place. If one of those horses wins the race, your winnings target (plus total outlay) will be returned.  


  1. A horse in your nominated selection of horses must win the race in order for your winnings target (plus total outlay) to be returned. You are not betting on every horse in the race. So this form of betting is not risk-free!.
  2. A 'Dutch Book' is calculated based on the supplied odds. The return will only be reached if the odds ar the time of your calculated the 'Dutch Book' are the same as what you bet on.
  3. The odds displayed by this software may have changed by the time betting closes. If you are not betting on fixed price odds, you will need to re-calculate the 'Dutch Book' with finalized odds, re-calculate the tips for the race in the main window closer to the time of the race when the odds for the race have been finalized.
  4. Care should be taken as this form of betting can often require an extremely high outlay.

Getting started...

There are 3 easy steps to get you up and running.

  • Download & install

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  • Subscribe

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  • Run & bet

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