How to use the software?

The screens shot and explainations of how to use the software

1) Splash screen with Terms & Condition. You must click the agree button to go to the main screen

2) When the main screen opens, you are presented with the screen below. If you are a subscriber, you can click the login button and get all available meetings and tips on demand. If you runs it as a trail you would have only one meeting for the day.

3) Select the meeting you wish to generate tips for via the Place Meetings drop down list. If you are a subscriber, The list will be full with today meetings available otherwise you would have only one meeting for the trail.

4) Once you select a meeting, each race for that meeting will be loaded into the top right section of the screen. To generate tips just click on the race.

5) Your tips will be displayed in the highlighed area of the screen along side form information for each horse in the race. 5 Selections are shown for each race.

Race betting tips

6) If you are a subscriber click the Login button to start logining with your username & password.

7) Once logged in, all available meetings will be downloaded automatically and they are loaded into the Place meeting dropdown options and you will have access to a number of extra features reserved for subscribers only like enabling you to check with Live Results as the races complete, and a Dutch Book Calculator.

What's Dutch Book Calculator? read more

8) The Dutch Book screen displays when you clicked the Dutch Calculator button. To start calculate you must agree to click the I have read the go to the calculator screen.

12) The Calculator screen displays select how many horses you want to bet. The target profit you want to make and the odds for each horse. Click the Calculate button.

What's Dutch Book Calculator?

A 'Dutch Book' is a formula that works out how to spread your bets around for a selection of horses so that you are guaranteed a return. read more

Getting started...

There are 3 easy steps to get you up and running.

  • Download & install

    Downloading the Race Betting Tips software and install it into your computer.

  • Subscribe

    Decide which subscription period you want to pay for to try out.

  • Run & bet

    Running the software to analyse the selected race and calculate to get the best tips for that race and start betting.